Marisa Iocco

By: Catherine Pergolis

By:Catherine Pergolis

The caprese sbagliata makes the transi-tion from the sticky heat of summer to brisk winds of fall a bit easier for Chef Marisa Iocco and her diners at Spiga in Needham. This caprese “mistake” is a non-traditional dish that consists of a butternut squash pesto, cauliflower, squash, Brussels sprouts, stracciatella cheese, a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds, and finished with shaved black truffles. The vegetables cook quickly and are done roasting in 10 minutes. When this dish is presented, the bright amber-colored butternut squash pesto gives diners a gentle reminder that fall is here, while the lightly roasted vegetables exude summertime vibes. This new addition to the menu is a mix of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines and is expected to be very popular among customers. Chef Marisa went to art school and loves to place her artistic visions on the plate. She explained that there is no garnish on this dish because the Brussels sprouts give the dish the earthy color that a garnish would normally be used for. As the fall approaches, Chef spoke about how she hopes her fall dishes bring families and friends together to celebrate at Spiga, similar to how her family in Italy dines during meals when they are all together.

Photo credit by Rocco Capano

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