By: Nathaniel Hillyer

Debra Hegger, having worked as head concierge at The Westin Waterfront for 15 years, is one of many furloughed concierges  across the city

Hegger affirms that Boston hoteliers are still engaged in a collective, collaborative effort to support the guests of their hotels. The Greater Boston Convention Bureau continues to host Zoom meetings, often featuring guest speakers consisting of industry experts. The meetings ensure that Boston concierges; working, furloughed, or otherwise, are remaining connected with each other and staying knowledgeable of the state of local businesses.
She also reinforces the ongoing importance of planning ahead, especially in the absence of a concierge. Before Covid-19, guests could simply arrive at the hotel and rely on people like Hegger to acquaint them with the city and coordinate activities. Now, both hotels and guests will have to organize details in advance to ensure a successful and safe trip.
The potential for digital planning opens some doors, but it cannot replace the tailored experience of personalized concierge services.
Hegger sees her fellow con-cierges not only as colleagues, but a “very close-knit family. We’re really keeping in touch with each other. If we go out, we go out together.” She says that if a guest has a question she thinks one of her colleagues may be able to address better, she has no issue reaching out to Nathan or Betty and connecting them for the sake of the guest. The concierges of Boston, wherever they may be, remain a connected community committed to their work and their guests.

“We’re really keeping in touch with each other. If we go out, we go out together.”

Photo credit Westin Waterfront

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