By: Kathy Benharris & Grace Goodearl

Winter looks should marry functionality with style so you can dress up while you bundle up. Here’s what to wear on the slopes or in the city this season to get that steezy look

Anika: Prowess jacket; Vida pant; Waffle beanie; Profile mitten; Talent Scout Camber Snowboard. Stephen: Frostner anorak and pant; Backcut beanie; Flight Attendant Camber Snowboard /

What is “SnowStyle”? 

(or #SnowStyle on social media)? SnowStyle is what you wear when temperatures drop and you want to look and feel fabulous heading out to play in Mother Nature’s winter wonderland. The key to SnowStyle is confidence and what better way to achieve that than donning a fashion forward ensemble that not only keeps you warm and dry, but also empowers you to look and feel your best? This season SnowStyle is made easy with parkas, pants, and one-piece suits that protect while serving up head-turning looks. These looks pop no matter where they’re seen, from the streets of Seaport to the snowiest of mountain peaks. Headwear, gloves, goggles, and gators are key to keeping you safe and warm and are never an afterthought. For the 2020/2021 season, functionality and performance are at the core of design, but style and smart sustainability are also major factors. At every price point, there has never been a more exciting range of options to explore when you ride, glide, or strut. B-Corp Certified brands like Picture Organics are turning yesterday’s water bottles into today’s most ‘steezy’ looks, proving you can look and feel great about your outerwear choices. (Steezy, you ask? It is a combination of the words style and ease and means a type of clothing used for skateboarding, snowboarding and other sports.)

Anika: Skea’s Deva jacket, Doe cargo pant, and Lindo F hat. /

Obermeyer always delivers top-notch technical performance and striking style-making this brand a perennial standout for everyone in the family. Their high-performance fabrics move with you and their uber flattering silhouettes will garner attention wherever you wear them. For ladies who like it lux, Skea Limited never disappoints and makes black anything but basic by adding metallic zippers and rose gold accents. Vermont based, snowboard centric Burton continues to crush the style game by offering mountain mission-ready interpretations of your favorite denim and streetwear. From sea level to the steepest black diamonds, this winter is all about maximizing our time outside. Find the gear that makes you feel strong and confident, then bring that SnowStyle positivity to the peaks and streets.

“For the 20/21 season, functionality and performance are at the core of design, but style and smart sustainability are also major factors.”

Stanley: Obermeyer’s Chroma jacket and Orion pant. Smith goggles. Hestra glove. 686 Beanie. Rossingnol Experience 88 TI skis. Sophie: Obermeyer’s Cosima jacket and Bond pant. Hestra glove. Blackstrap gator worn as hat. Giro goggles. Rossingnol Nova 10 ski.
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