James Ash

By: Catherine Pergolis

By:Catherine Pergolis

As American as apple… brined Hampshire pork chops. Chef James Ash of Rare Steakhouse at Encore Boston Harbor described that the pork in this classic dish is brined for 24 hours in a homemade apple brine, then pan seared. This entree is served with a cornbread puree, braised red cabbage, barbe-que glazed baby turnips and apple chips. Although there are classic French techniques used to prepare this hearty dish, American staples such as corn bread and apples are distinct flavors seen within this traditional fall meal. The familiar and comfortable feelings associated with this dish makes diners feel like they are “getting a hug from grandma,” as Chef James said. He recommends coupling this dish with the foie gras terrine appetizer and a glass of Rhone Valley Syrah from Jean-Luc Colombo, reminding diners of a hearty home cooked meal. The Hampshire pork is a premium cut that is hormone- and antibiotic-free and raised on a diet of non-GMO corn, soy and forest grasses. In addition to this mouth-watering pork dish, Rare Steakhouse also offers a different special every night of the week to fully encompass all different flavors of the fall and winter seasons. 

Photo credit by Rocco Capano

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