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By: Catherine Pergolis

By:Catherine Pergolis

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin picking and homemade pumpkin tortelloni from Bencotto are the staples of this fall sea-son. Chef Fabio explained that this flavorful pasta dish is highly requested by diners year-round and a best seller at the restaurant. The tortelloni is stuffed with pumpkin and amaretto cookies, then sauteed in butter, pancetta and
a creamy mascarpone sauce. To finish off the dish, Chef sprinkles roasted leeks on top to give diners a colorful and unforgettable meal. Chef Fabio did not stop with one fall favorite. In addition to the pumpkin tortelloni, the stuffed pork chop is another highly requested dish from diners at Bencotto. Lightly breaded and pan fried, then stuffed with prosciutto di parma, fontina cheese, and roasted peppers, this bone-in 16-ounce pork chop leaves diners extremely satisfied and feeling seasonally appropriate. Chef’s favorite part of this dish is how the fontina cheese and prosciutto come together and melt in your mouth. To compliment this pork chop Chef serves parmesan crusted mashed potatoes and sauteed Brussel sprouts. The dish represents fall foliage and the changing of the seasons with different colors seen in the Brussel sprouts and the pork chop. With 6-8 differ-ent specials each day, Chef Fabio is ready to bring out all of his seasonal dishes starting with these two favorites.

Photo credit by Roger Davies

Photo credit by Rocco Capano

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