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By: Scene Magazine

This beloved Boston photographer has an eye for fashion and beautiful women. A nod to a first class fashion photographer, Bobby DiMarzo

In the world of fashion, Boston has always been a player in our way. This city, however, has never ranked among the vanguard locales of New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and London. We are renowned for our education, our history and our “business smahts” but not for our wardrobe.

Every once in a while, Boston gets lucky. Bobby DiMarzo, a Boston native who was born and raised in West Roxbury, became a first-class fashion photographer, traveling internationally to photograph some of the most successful working models. From New York to Milan, he has shot and styled at the very top levels of fashion and we are grateful for his talent and his decision to stay in Boston for the last 40 years. As one of the founders of the original Scene magazine, Bobby helped to launch this magazine with Frank DePasquale in 2001. For the last 19 years, the primary focus of Scene was gorgeous women in amazing clothes. He worked closely with the late Maggie Manis, founder of model and talent agency Maggie Inc., which represents models and actors for print, runway, and TV/film. DePasquale recently relaunched the magazine as Scene North End, with more of an eye toward covering broad lifestyle topics such as food, travel, dining, arts, culture and fashion trends. Although Bobby has taken on a different role, he is on hand to help out in any way he can.

“I love this city and I love this magazine. I will always be here in person and in spirit to guide the creative process any way I can.”

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