By: Nathaniel Hillyer

Boston’s very own Nathan Goff serves as president of Les Clefs d’Or as well as Chef concierge of the Boston Harbor Hotel. The Boston Harbor is one of the few hotels offering almost fully operational concierge services. With a concierge available daily from 9-5, their services provide a sense of normalcy in a hotel landscape riddled with uncertainty.
Goff highlights the necessity of personal research for hotel employees during this time in order to deliver personalized, yet safe, experiences to their guests.
“So much of being a concierge is part of your lifestyle,” he explains.
Between local magazines and news outlets, Door-dashing from his favorite restaurants, and even Twitter, Goff makes sure to experience the city first-hand in order to keep himself updated on what Boston amenities are operational and to what extent.
Concierges offer bits of knowledge that can personalize a guest’s experience and make their time in Boston magic, even in the current state of the world. For example, it will be increasingly important for concierges to not only know Boston’s hottest restaurants, but also remain aware of the safety precautions that come with sit-in dining.
He recalls one guest that was particularly worried about safety precautions, but still wanted to enjoy an indoor dining experience in Boston’s North End. He knew of a specific table in a secluded room at one restaurant, made some calls, and sent the guest on her way. “She was completely floored,” he says. Goff is hopeful for the future of our hotels, ensuring that “the hospitality industry will bounce back, it’s just a matter of being patient and making it through.”

“The hospitality industry will bounce back, it’s just a matter of being patient and making it through.”

Photo credit Boston Harbor Hotel

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