“It's a Match”

By: Tristyn Surprenant and Anna Stanley

Limoncello Ristorante

Just a few steps down the Freedom Trail from the historic Paul Revere House is Ristorante Limoncello on North Street. The master chefs at this family-owned establishment recommend their signature Rosette Limoncello, which is a homemade wide noodle with Prosciutto, Montasio cheese, and mushrooms cooked in a tomato cream sauce with truffle oil. The dish is best served with a fruity and full Santa Cristina Toscana, defined by notes of dark berries, vanilla, and coffee. This lively and satiating duo embody the classic flavors of Italian cuisine, and would make for the perfect centerpiece of a romantic evening in the North End.

Assaggio Positano Cuisine


This is a pairing featured by Assaggio in the heart of the North End on Prince St. Selected are a Nerno pasta dish with zucchini, provolone del Monaco, and Parmigiano complimented by Vese- vo vineyard’s Beneventano Falanghina IGT. This bright, fruity, and persistently aromatic wine is developed at the volcanic, mineral-rich base of Mt. Vesuvio in the Campania region. It is beautifully balanced by the buttery provolone and the nutty parmesan of the dish. The floral zucchini garnish is a playful finish. If ever a combination evoked the essence of summertime in southern Ita- ly, this would be it. Best enjoyed on a warm night at a table by the open, accordion windows at the front of the restaurant.



The ‘Original’ Strega North End by Nick Varano is celebrating summer with the arrival of a delicious new offering. Cacio e Pepe, a fettuccine made right in the middle of a giant Parmesan wheel, is a signature Strega dish. Made with homemade fettuccine tossed in truffle oil, sea salt, black pepper and covered in parmesan, this dish is a must for summer in Boston’s historic North End. At bottom right, New York City Chef Alain Allegretti is visiting good friend Nick Varano and adding some inspiration to the current menu with some summer options.

Photo credits by Rocco Capano

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