We are living in an unprecedented time and, over the past four months, have seen our world, as we came to know it, forever changed. So it is with this July 2020 issue of Scene North End that we are focused on what lies ahead, but want to recognize those people who make up this unique neighborhood. We dedicate this edition to those who have struggled — along with everyone in this great country of ours  — to move beyond the trouble that stole its way into our lives.  As you read along, you will find three full pages devoted to the men and women of the North End, who live and work in one of Boston’s most celebrated places that attracts visitors from all over the world. In this issue we look forward cautiously while being respectful of the current situation. We felt that our lead story should be about hope and promise, so we sat down with the new pastor of St. Leonard’s church, which has undergone extensive renovation and is now open to its communicants. Father Michael Della Pena talks about growing up in the North End and how faith and hope will help us move forward. It is a lesson to us all that life can turn on a dime, so I am very thankful and grateful every day for the little things-such as spending time with family and friends, meeting for drinks and dinner, going to the casinos, shopping or watching your favorite sports team live! God willing.

Ciao and stay well,

Be the Best, Be you, Be SCENE

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